Sneaker Head Report: Flight Club NYC

This week I went to Flight Club in New York City. There are only 2 Flight clubs in the U.S. – One in New York and one in Los Angeles.

The Flight Club has all of the old retro sneakers. Most of the sneakers were Jordans and Nike but they have some others too. A lot of them were really really expensive– we saw one pair for $700!!!

Some to the styles they had had crazy looking prints on them– like one had a Christmas print– it was $350!! What?? 

While we were there I saw one guy waiting on line wearing $1000 Yeezey's!!  I couldn't believe it. I would not wear those outside if I had them.

My birthday is coming up, so for my present my parents let me pick out a pair of retro sneakers (Not the $700 pair -haha)

Here are the 2 pairs I thought about getting.

My final decision was the Jordan retro 10s (white and blue). 

I use them for basketball now. I think it is a really cool shoe to wear on the court and matches my new AAU uniform.

I will definitely go back to Flight Club one day!