Ray Allen Procamp – 2nd year!

Last summer, my parents surprised me and signed me up for Ray Allen's Procamp in Windsor, CT.
I had never been to a ProCamp before but Ray Allen was one of my favorite players!

The camp was 2 days and a lot of fun. We got autographed pictures with Ray and even had lunch with him.

If you can go to one of these Procamps, I recommend it!

This year we went back with a few of my friends.

At the camp we split into groups by age and practiced dribbling and shooting.

Ray walked around, watched us and stopped to give tips.

Ray talked to us about his career and showed us some of his basketball shooting tips.

Ray Allen Quote About Basketball

Fruit2O is the bomb! Sunny D had buckets of these for everyone at the camp the first day. 

Sunny D at Procamp 2015

 Ray Allen's family came to watch the camp. His kids played in the groups with us too!

Each group took team photos with Ray.

And we attended the private lunch with Ray Allen too– which was awesome because we got to ask him questions.

For attending the lunch, I got this awesome Nike bag and autographed ball! 

Ray is a future hall of famer so, I will be putting this in a case.

They call day 2 of the camp "Championship Sunday". All of the teams play against each other. My team didn't win over all but we had a good game!

Ray Allen Procamp

At the end of the camp, they gave us all report cards that graded our performance that weekend and also gave us advice on where we can improve our game.

I cannot wait to go back next year!