NBA 2k16 Special Request Video: Warriors vs cavs

This game was requested by Sonic Thompson on my YouTube Channel.

If you have a request, let me know!


Sorry video playoff game!!

I accidentally played the cavs Knicks game but I forgot to record it. We are getting crushed!! Sorry!

But– the good news is, I'm taking requests! Tell me what games you want me to play or give me suggestions of what you would like to see on my channel!

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Playing nba2k16 CRUNCH TIME!!

In this video it is a really close game and an intense freq had a butt-load of points and booked was an x-factor too.


NBA 2k16 Game Play– Freq drops 38 pts in the playoffs!!

We are in an important playoff game vs the magic. ThisFreq drops 38.


Next Gen Nba2k16 Game Play | Freq Puts On A Dunk Contest

In this video I get the lowest teammate grade I've ever had playing 2k but freq dunks on everybody and freq gets and one. Watch, subscribe, share.


NBA 2k16 | MyPark | Gameplay– Gett'n Buckets All Day!

This is my first time recording MyPark gameplay. I play the same team with different teammates. To be honest the first teammates were better.

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Hope you enjoy!


NBA 2k16 gameplay – Losing my first gauntlet game vs a cheeser!

I lose my first gauntlet game vs a cheeser who shoots threes every possession and makes a lot of them and it's too hard to stop!!


NBA 2k16 gameplay – Kemba walker can't guard me. Freq breaking ankles.

 Kemba Walker can't guard me! This is video 2 for today....


Funniest Hotline Bling Memes and Vines Ever!

Memes are awesome. Right now there are some hysterical ones for Drake's "Hotline Bling". Here are some of the funniest ones I've seen.

Do you have a favorite?



NBA 2k16 - Next Gen - Jordan Clarkson likes to shoot to much

Freq passes a lot in this video and he also flushed down two dunks. SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!



| Photo credit: Flickr |
(How cool is this pumpkin? We are carving ours tonight. I'm going to ask to do this and take a picture for instagram!)

I am planning to post YouTube videos on Wednesdays and Fridays, but this week I was sick.

It was really boring because all I really did was lay down because I was too tired to get up.

The kind of sickness was... well there really is no name for it I was just very fatigued and my temperature was high every day.

On the third day I slept in bed for about almost 8 hours!

My parents thought maybe it was a tic so they checked and there was no tic.

The next day I went to the hospital to get blood work done and see whats wrong all of the tests at first were fine except my temperature it was 101.5.

The doctor gave me a medicine that worked better than the medicine I took at home.

Then the doctor sent some of my blood down to the lab and a couple minutes later the doctor said everything looked fine. 

All of the tests did not fully come in yet though. I have to go back tomorrow. 

The good thing is though, that when doctor checked my temperature for the last time it was 98.7 and  I felt much better.

 I guess it was the medicine the doctor gave me. It  got me like....



NBA 2K16 Next Gen | My Career | Turn overs!! Working on the fade away + beginner tips!

Playing Washington Wizards. Had a few turn overs & working on my fade away.

Today's NBA2k16 beginner tips:

- How to see the player list in "My park"
- How to make layups more frequently

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Sneakerhead Report: Lebron 13's + more!

I love sneakers!! I have a long list of favorites, so I am starting a weekly sneaker report here on the blog.
Each week, I will be listing 5 of my favorites– both new and retro.

Here are my picks this week for the first Official Elite Swish Sneaker Report....

Lebron 13's

Curry 2's

available 10/24

 Hyperdunk 2015


 Jordan 10 Retro Steel

If you could have any one of these 5, which would you choose???


First YouTube Video!! + Tips and Tricks For New NBA 2K16 Players

My YouTube channel is finally live! I've been asking for it for months.  I will be video blogging about NBA2K16 and Madden.

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Sneaker Watch: Pink-tober Lebrons

Saw these in the mall the other day....

What do you think??


Ray Allen Procamp – 2nd year!

Last summer, my parents surprised me and signed me up for Ray Allen's Procamp in Windsor, CT.
I had never been to a ProCamp before but Ray Allen was one of my favorite players!

The camp was 2 days and a lot of fun. We got autographed pictures with Ray and even had lunch with him.

If you can go to one of these Procamps, I recommend it!

This year we went back with a few of my friends.

At the camp we split into groups by age and practiced dribbling and shooting.

Ray walked around, watched us and stopped to give tips.

Ray talked to us about his career and showed us some of his basketball shooting tips.

Ray Allen Quote About Basketball

Fruit2O is the bomb! Sunny D had buckets of these for everyone at the camp the first day. 

Sunny D at Procamp 2015

 Ray Allen's family came to watch the camp. His kids played in the groups with us too!

Each group took team photos with Ray.

And we attended the private lunch with Ray Allen too– which was awesome because we got to ask him questions.

For attending the lunch, I got this awesome Nike bag and autographed ball! 

Ray is a future hall of famer so, I will be putting this in a case.

They call day 2 of the camp "Championship Sunday". All of the teams play against each other. My team didn't win over all but we had a good game!

Ray Allen Procamp

At the end of the camp, they gave us all report cards that graded our performance that weekend and also gave us advice on where we can improve our game.

I cannot wait to go back next year!


First Post + Room Tour! : Sneakers, Jerseys + More!

Hi! My name is Ryan. I am in the fourth grade. I am starting this blog today on Take your child to work day because my Mom is a blogger.

Two of my favorite things are basketball and gaming, so that is what this blog is all about. Today I am going to give you a tour of my room to tell you a little about me and what you can expect on this blog.

5 Room Favorites


I am a sneaker head so I will be posting a lot of my sneakers.

All of the shoes or sneakers that I have are Uggs, Derrick Rose shoes, 2 pairs of Kevin Durant shoes, Kyrie Irving shoes, and I have 2 pairs of Jordans.


On this blog I will be playing Madden15 and Nba2k15 the most. I am playing on the Xbox360 right now, but I am saving up for an Xbox One. I hope to have it in just a few more weeks!


My Uncle got me my Dwayne Wade Fathead for my birthday. It's HUGE.


I am a big Miami Heat fan and New York Giants fan I play AAU basketball so my basketball uniforms are in there I have a lot of stickers on my locker.

Miami Heat Jerseys

I have a Hassan Whiteside jersey, a Shabazz Napier jersey and Lebron jerseys– I have three of them! Sadly he's not on the Heat anymore. :(

Other things I will be posting on this blog is basketball highlights, football highlights and celebrations.