First Post + Room Tour! : Sneakers, Jerseys + More!

Hi! My name is Ryan. I am in the fourth grade. I am starting this blog today on Take your child to work day because my Mom is a blogger.

Two of my favorite things are basketball and gaming, so that is what this blog is all about. Today I am going to give you a tour of my room to tell you a little about me and what you can expect on this blog.

5 Room Favorites


I am a sneaker head so I will be posting a lot of my sneakers.

All of the shoes or sneakers that I have are Uggs, Derrick Rose shoes, 2 pairs of Kevin Durant shoes, Kyrie Irving shoes, and I have 2 pairs of Jordans.


On this blog I will be playing Madden15 and Nba2k15 the most. I am playing on the Xbox360 right now, but I am saving up for an Xbox One. I hope to have it in just a few more weeks!


My Uncle got me my Dwayne Wade Fathead for my birthday. It's HUGE.


I am a big Miami Heat fan and New York Giants fan I play AAU basketball so my basketball uniforms are in there I have a lot of stickers on my locker.

Miami Heat Jerseys

I have a Hassan Whiteside jersey, a Shabazz Napier jersey and Lebron jerseys– I have three of them! Sadly he's not on the Heat anymore. :(

Other things I will be posting on this blog is basketball highlights, football highlights and celebrations.