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(How cool is this pumpkin? We are carving ours tonight. I'm going to ask to do this and take a picture for instagram!)

I am planning to post YouTube videos on Wednesdays and Fridays, but this week I was sick.

It was really boring because all I really did was lay down because I was too tired to get up.

The kind of sickness was... well there really is no name for it I was just very fatigued and my temperature was high every day.

On the third day I slept in bed for about almost 8 hours!

My parents thought maybe it was a tic so they checked and there was no tic.

The next day I went to the hospital to get blood work done and see whats wrong all of the tests at first were fine except my temperature it was 101.5.

The doctor gave me a medicine that worked better than the medicine I took at home.

Then the doctor sent some of my blood down to the lab and a couple minutes later the doctor said everything looked fine. 

All of the tests did not fully come in yet though. I have to go back tomorrow. 

The good thing is though, that when doctor checked my temperature for the last time it was 98.7 and  I felt much better.

 I guess it was the medicine the doctor gave me. It  got me like....